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The Binnie's have been in the cattle business since 1898. Under the Delta Wagyu Genetics Brand, we produce commercial and stud wagyu cattle, with a focus on growth, functionality and marbling. We sell high end genetics through global partnerships in Asia, Australia, America, Africa & Europe.

Our Heartland Wagyu Beef is uniquely free range, grazing on natural clover and rye grass pastures, drinking from crystal clear spring fed creeks, and producing an average marble score of 5 - 7. We market our beef through strong 
alliances with importers, wholesalers, retailers and domestic Australian households.
The Binnie Construction Group was established in 2016 through a series of opportunistic events. Essentially the Binnie team have spent the past decade renovating and revitalising agricultural properties and buildings to facilitate a modern standard of comfort, while paying homage to the integrity of their historical roots. All with consideration for a 
shoestring budget, typical of a finance conscious farmers mentality. This style has now been rolled into the Parry St Office Hub, among other evolving development projects.

Steve Binnie

Director & CEO

Liz Binnie

Director & CMO

Mark Perks

Lead Stockman